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Sullair Air Compressor Repair, Parts and Maintenance

Need help getting your Sullair compressor back up and running like it should?

Sullair has been one of the leading industrial air compressor manufacturers since 1965 and at Optimum Air Compressor Solutions we help businesses like yours to ensure your system is running smoothly with service, repair and parts.

Our technicians are trained to help with a wide range of repairs from rebuilds, to leak detection in your system to performing complete installations.

We have you covered.

Additionally, we can provide preventative maintenance services to help ensure your system doesn’t fail unexpectedly.

We know for many businesses when your compressed air system goes down… your business stops. We are here to get you back up and running asap!

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We also have a fully maintained and serviced rental fleet of air compressors so we can power you up while your Sullair compressor is being repaired or overhauled.

Let us send out one of our trained air compressor technicians today.

Call us at Call: (866) 702-5094 to schedule an appointment.

Sullair Compressor Maintenance

Companies that rely on air power should make sure their system is routinely checked for proper functioning. Our preventative maintenance packages can help you to make sure your air system is running efficiently without wasted pressure.

Additionally our multipoint inspection on a routine basis helps us make sure your Sulllair compressor stays up and running in peak condition.

The last thing any business needs is a compressor outage or costly repairs that may have been avoidable.

At Optimum Air Compressor Solutions we have experience servicing and repairing a wide range of air compressor systems for industrial and commercial use.

Give us a call we’re here to help.

Sullair Compressor Parts

We have spare parts available for emergencies and general maintenance, including:

If we don’t have what you’re looking for in stock, we can most likely locate and ship the part(s) within 24-hours.

24/7 Rapid Emergency Response Team

We know that for many businesses compressed air is their lifeblood. If it stops – their business halts.

Optimum Air specializes in getting there fast when you need us the most.

Outside of normal business hours we have dispatchers on standby to route your request to a 24-hour compressor technician.

Our emergency repair territory includes the following areas; Sacramento, CA, San Francisco, CA – Reno, NV and Fresno, CA

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